For over 50 years, our biggest customers have been independent retailers. We know the landscape and market nuances, and we know the competition.

When you ask our customers what sets us apart, they’ll tell you that when they work with API, they know they have an available, professional, dedicated and digitally savvy partner interested in making their business succeed. We are not one-size-fits-all.

Our primary goal is for retailers and custom manufacturers to never lose a sale. To do that, we provide retailers:

  • Access to the largest cabinetry inventory — from the basics to higher-end decorative pieces to custom orders — available to your customers.
  • Speed in shipping with premium distribution. All orders placed by 2pm PT ship the same day.
  • Free analytics and tracking tools to capture relevant data, maximize displays and automate ordering, thereby ensuring end users get what they want and need quickly.
  • An available team at all times that can answer questions and help co-create solutions.
  • New ways of merchandising products and proactively providing recommendations.
  • The ability for special orders and custom manufacturing.
"Our focus is on providing a lending hand where it really matters."
Michael Siegel, CEO API


If you’re interested in working with us, please fill out our New Accounts form, which can be downloaded here. You can either save the PDF and email us the completed form (insert email address) or print it out and fax us the completed form at 323.766.8866. We will review your application and notify you as soon as possible regarding your status.

Please note: API only sells into the wholesale hardware trade.


Getting set up as a retailer is easy. Once you submit your application (see above) and it’s approved, we’ll notify you of your account acceptance, send you our annual policies and terms, and explain our order and shipping process.

Read more about policies on our FAQ.

Ready to get started? Download the account application form.